26th June 2014

Economic Policy: The Czech Republic and its energy security

On Monday 23rd June Czech and Polish energy regulation authorities together issued a decision on realization of Czech-Polish project concerning construction of bidirectional interconnecting gas pipeline Stork II. This project will be realized in cooperation of Czech company Net4Gas and Polish company GasSystém. Its construction means a continuation of effort of interconnecting European gas pipeline network in North-South way which started already in 2011 with the start of operation of similar but significantly smaller connection provided by gas pipeline Stork I. Construction and operation of Stork II would mean full North-South connection, connection of LNG terminal in Poland with LNG terminal in Croatia and would ensure greater stability of European gas network and thus improvement of overall European energy security. The project Stork II is considered as a project of common interest by EU and it’s mentioned in the appendix of European Strategy of Energy Security among medium-term project to be realized between 2017 and 2020. This also enables the possibility of EU co-financing of the project.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic