29th September 2015

Economic Policy: 2015 Allianz Global Wealth Report: Czech Rep 28th in net per capita financial assets


The Czech Republic has a share of 0.13% of global financial assets, according to the 2015 Global Wealth Report published by Allianz. Still, at the global level, the Czech Republic ranks 28th in net per capita financial assets (305,000 CZK per capita), down one place, compared with the 2014 Report.

"It is true that personal financial assets showed very robust development last year, increasing by more than 7 percent for the tihrd year running - and the strong growth was, indeed, fueled increasingly by moves taken by households to step up their savings efforts. This is a phenomenon that has swept across virtually the entire planet, with even US citizens setting more money aside again; Europe is the only region that is still lagging behind a bit...but the trend is more of a "savings paradox": because what can, perhaps, be interpreted as an excess supply of savings capital on the macroeconomic side looks like something entirely different at the level of a specific individual"...Read more here.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic