24th April 2014

Economic Policy: Ministry of Finance plans to introduce electronic surveillance of sales

According to the interview of deputy-minister Simona Hornochová of Ministry of Finance for the Ekonom journal the state is planning to introduce system based on Croatian model that would track and record every sale of every merchant for the purpose of proper taxation. The system is based on the fact that and that for the merchants it would be impossible not to report a sale. The new system would be obligatory for each and every merchant or craftsman no matter how small. The system based on Croatian rather than Hungarian model could use any computer, laptop, tablet or cash register with internet connection (through mobile network service) and with any kind of printer attached to it. Ministry claims that this model would not be so expansive for the enterpreneurs to implement. On the contrary the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises is strongly against obligatory hardware purchase of any kind. For example for newsstand owners this would be a huge investment that they would not be able to afford. Introducing on-line cash registers is one of the persistent social democratic goals through all their governments.  Whether this plan works out this time or whether it would be cancelled again remains to be seen after European elections. Ministry is yet to put out the tender for the data collection and processing application. Ministry is also planning to introduce receipt lottery as it can be seen in Slovakia already.

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