4th June 2021

Financing Europe’s recovery: Erste Group supports EU programme

Erste Group is the only bank with key focus on the CEE region to become a member of the newly established "Primary Dealer Network" of the European Union. Together with 39 other financial institutions, it will help make one of the EU's largest economic stimulus programmes work over the next few years. Specifically, Erste Group will cooperate with the European Commission to support the placement of issues via the NextGenerationEU instrument.

The EU plans to raise an average of around EUR 150 billion per year through NextGenerationEU to finance economic recovery, as well as become fit for current and future challenges.

“We look forward to helping the EU finance Europe’s economic rebound and transition to a more sustainable and digital future. Disseminating and securing prosperity for all is, and will continue to be, the purpose of Erste Group,” highlights Ingo Bleier, Chief Corporates and Markets Officer at Erste Group.

“We are delighted to be included in this circle of esteemed international banks, which were selected on the basis of their solid business models and financial strength. Additionally, becoming a primary dealer for the EU’s bond issuances is a welcome recognition of Erste Group’s strong track record in the capital markets,” added Erste Group CFO Stefan Dörfler.

Strength in debt capital markets

Erste Group has a strong profile in the debt capital markets. Within the past year, Erste Group has been actively involved in benchmark bond issuances by a large number of SSAs, including sovereign bonds from Romania, Serbia and Hungary. Moreover, Erste Group is already part of the group of 42 international banks from which the lead managers for bond issuances by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) or European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) are chosen.


Stefan Dörfler, CFO der Erste GroupStefan Dörfler, CFO der Erste Group ©Erste Group, Daniela Beranek


Ingo Bleier, Chief Corporates and Markets Officer at Erste Group.Ingo Bleier, Chief Corporates and Markets Officer at Erste Group. ©Erste Group, Daniela Beranek


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