22nd November 2017

AmCham EU: The Case for Investing in Europe 2017

The Case for Investing in Europe 2017, written by Joseph Quinlan, Senior Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University, shows that Europe is still the world’s largest economy and continues to offer tremendous investment opportunities for American business. 

Notwithstanding the incessant swirl of change, one strand of continuity remains: the deep integration of Europe and the United States, with each party drawing strength and stability from each other. Today, the transatlantic economy remains the bedrock of the global economy. 

For American firms that have stayed the course in Europe, and persevered through the last few years of sluggish growth, as well as the political ripples of Brexit, Europe remains among the most attractive markets in the world. 

Whether it’s trade in goods or services; whether the activity is expanding R&D in France; hiring new workers in Germany or Spain; building out a facility in Ireland or Poland; driving profits from the United Kingdom or the Netherlands—whatever the activity, the simple message is the following: Europe matters to Corporate America. Outside the United States, no other region of the world has such an outsized influence on the economic success or failure of U.S. firms as Europe.


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