8th February 2016

Ministry of Industry and Trade: Czech export hit record high in 2015 | CzechTrade: 122 new orders worth CZK 1.3bn for Czech companies in 2015

Czech export hit record high in 2015, reaching almost CZK 4 trillion, the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek informed and listed some of the attractive markets for Czech companies, including India, Azerbaijan, Turkey, China, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco or Mexico, for example. Czech export rose by 7.2% year-on-year, with 83.3% of the exports flowing into the countries of the European Union. Export to Germany grew by 8.7%, whereas exports to Russia fell by 30.9%. Imports from China rose by 28% year-on-year. Read details (in Czech).


The CzechTrade government agency announced that it helped Czech businesses to obtain 122 contracts/orders abroad in 2015. Their cummulative value exceeds CZK 1.3bn. The most successful branches of the CzechTrade agency are the offices in Düsseldorf, Almaty and London (in terms of the number of new contracts, orders), as well as offices in Budapest, Johannesburg, and Stockholm (in terms of the volume of new contracts, orders). In 2016, the CzechTrade agency plans to launch five new regional export centers and promote export opportunities abroad. Also, new CzechTrade offices will be opened in Bangalore, Canton, Lagos and Chicago. Read details.

Also, the Czech Republic´s deficit in agricultural trade last year was the lowest since the country's entry in the EU, it reached Kc18.4bn, Czech exports were worth Kc201bn and imports Kc219.4bn, according to data CTK gained from the Agricultural Association, the Czech News Agency informedMeat has a 12 percent share in agricultural imports, the highest absolute value and it is difficult to change the unfavourable trend. The Agricultural Association complains that the Czech Republic still exports mainly cheap materials and imports products with higher value added, CTK wrote. Read the article.



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