22nd May 2016

Trade SIA on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA

Ecorys drafted a report, Sustainability Impact Assessment, that contains the overall economic, social, human rights and environmental impacts analyses. Also the first steps (i.e. the baseline and an overview of the market access issues) of the in-depth sector studies are included in the report.

According to the study, the US is a more important partner for services exports than for goods exports for Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and SlovakiaMoreover, with the exception of Poland, the US is not a significant destination for outward FDI, with Romania and Slovakia at near-zero figures. Inward FDI from the US accounts for more than a third of the total in Poland, and a little over a quarter for the Czech Republic and Romania. 

Germany is by far the most important EU country in terms of employment (30 percent of EU total) and especially value added (37 percent of EU total). The sector is also strong in Italy, France and the UK, each contributing approximately 10 percent to the EU total both in terms of employment and value added. Other significant EU countries are Poland, the Czech Republic and Spain. 

Although France and Germany are large motor vehicle manufacturing countries, they do not have the highest revealed comparative advantage (RCA) within Europe, Czech Republic and Spain are the two countries with the highest RCA, the study says.

The report is available here and is open for public consultation. More details on the TTIP are available here.

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Former Czech Finance Minister Ivan Pilip in an article on TTIP published by Dotyk says that the partnership has more pluses than minuses (in Czech). Read also recent article published by the Hlidaciper.org server (in Czech) that sees more risks than benefits from the liberalisation of Czech trade in agricultural goods with the US, China or Africa..

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic