7th November 2017

World Bank Global Investment Competitveness Report 2017 | 2018

The World Bank Group's Global Investment Competitiveness Report presents analytical insights and empirical evidence on foreign direct investment. Investment competitiveness is defined as the ability of coutnries to not only attract but also retain and integrate private investment into their respective economies. 

The benfits of FDI extend well beyond attracting needed capital. Foreign investment also confers technical know-how, managerial and organizational skills, and access to foreign markets. FDI has a significant potential to transform economies, the report says.


"The Czech Republic is a good example of how acquisition of a dilapidated local carmaker Skoda by Volkswagen, one of the leading global frms, led to a successful transformation of the entire automotive industry in the country.' (p.14)


The report's survey of 754 executives of multinational corporations investing in developing countries finds that - in addition to political stability, security, and macroeconomic conditions- a business-friendly legal and regulatory environment is the key driver of investment decisions.

Find the full report below.


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic