2nd December 2015

Govt Council on Fight against Corruption: Govt anti-corruption measures include mandatory publication of CVs of high officials

At its session on 1 December, the Government's Council for coordination of fight against corruption reviewed a number of documents. The measures within the Action plan for fight against corruption in 2016 seek to counter corruption in the sectors of health care or sports, for example. Other measures proposed by the Action Plan comprise impementation of the Act on Conflict of Interests, Public Procurement Act, or acts related to political parties financing. The document could be discussed at the session of the Government on 14 December. 

As part of the Intra-ministerial anti-corruption programme, high public officials (e.g. ministerial level of directors of sections and higher level officials) should made their CVs publicly accessible. Read the statement of the Council (in Czech).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic