27th April 2016

Govt improves access to eKlep legislative process database | Grayling publishes infographic map of Czech legislative process

The Government improved public electronic access to new legislation drafts and the possibility to follow the legislative process in the eKlep database. The system users are now able to view material intents and drafts of new legislation by the government, ministries, and other public authorities, as well as comments and how they were/were not included, analyses, reasons, impact asessment, etc (in the Czech language). Read more here

Also, Grayling issued a clear infographic map of the legislative process in the Czech Republic (details in Czech are available here). The figure of the legislative process shows the way in which legislation is approved from the first draft to individual readings in the Parliament to its declaration in Collection of Laws. The single figure shows the whole process and identifies key procedural moments. Navigation in the details of the Czech legislative process is sometimes difficult even for experts who have engaged in it for years, the consultancy says. 

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic