21st October 2016

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: The Future of UK-EU Relations: Priorities of the U.S. Business Community

...The British people opted for change when they voted on June 23 for the United Kingdom to negotiate an exit from the European Union. Whether this break with the status quo benefits the UK in the long run will depend chiefly on the choices Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabinet will make in the months ahead.  
These negotiations will have a broader impact on the EU-27 as well. Britain will remain one of the EU’s largest trade partners even after it has formally exited, and these ties necessarily will be impacted by the outcome of the upcoming negotiations. Taking an unnecessarily combative approach to these negotiations would have major negative consequences for the broader European economy. Both the UK and EU should enter these talks with a clear eye toward ensuring a mutually beneficial trading relationship once the UK exits the EU. .. 

...The U.S. business community looks forward to actively engaging with the UK government, European Union institutions, and other Member State governments to avoid disruption of beneficial trade and investment relationships and promote future engagement between the United States and its closest partners and allies. 

Full statement and Brexit Webinar Series Overviewi are attached below.


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic