29th November 2016

Eurobarometer on media pluralism and democracy: 56% of Czech respondents think national media provide same diversity of views compared to 5 years ago

According to recently published Eurobarometer data, in 22 Member States, respondents are most likely to say national media provide the same diversity of views and opinions compared to five years ago, although the Czech Republic, Croatia (both 56%), Slovakia (54%), Luxembourg and Romania (50%) are the only countries where at least half think this way.

Respondents in Malta, Cyprus (both 47%) and the Netherlands (44%) are the most likely to say their national media are providing more diversity compared to five years ago. Overall, there are six countries where respondents are most likely to give this answer: Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, Ireland (42%), Sweden and Estonia (both 39%). Respondents in Greece (17%), the Czech Republic (19%) and Germany (21%) are the least likely to say there is more diversity now.

View the data. Details in Czech are available here.

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....findings suggest there is perhaps more latent potential for civic engagement around the world than many people believe. Despite their strong grievances about how government is currently working, most of those we surveyed believe ordinary citizens have the power to sway government towards the public’s will. Moreover, they mention specific issues that might provoke them to take action. Challenges like inadequate healthcare, poverty and poorly performing educational systems – issues that have a deep impact on people’s lives – could push them into the voting booth, or perhaps the streets, to hold those out of touch politicians accountable.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic