18th October 2018

Grayling Czech Republic: Political Digest - Senate Election

At the time of municipal election, part of Czech citizens selected one third (27) of the Senate members as well. After rather big reputational fail of the current governmental parties in big cities such as Prague or Brno, the results of the Senate election seem to lay basis for a substantive opposition to the government politics.

The absolute winner of the 2018 Senate election are the right-wing parties led by the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) with 10 new senators followed by the Mayors and Independents (STAN) with 5 seats. Contrary to the disappointment, that set in the camps of Social Democracy (ČSSD), ANO movement (ANO) and Communists (KSČM).

While in the first round the turnout was 42.3%, during the second round only 16.5% of eligible voters expressed their opinion. By the way, this is the second worst election turnout since the first Senate election in 1996. As compared to the second round, the first round often has higher turnout rate, because it is always held together with some first-order election such as municipal or regional.

Social Democrats have lost approximately half of its senators and if we look closer at the election results from the past two years, is seems that the traditional left-wing parties are rapidly losing their electorate and will need to face painful internal reconstruction, both personal and ideological.


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