8th October 2021

Pre-election Snapshop - Report by Grayling Czech Republic

He is surely the most visible persona on the Czech political scene and over the past few years the electorate of his ANO movement seems almost immune to his multiple scandal ranging from abuse of EU funds, conflict of interests, etc. However, at the end of 2020 and in Q1 2021 it was clear that ANO has faced yet a fierce enemy in COVID and their support has been declining sharply. Fortunately for them, the political marketing of ANO is undoubtedly no. 1 in the country and now ANO is in the forefront of the election again by a slight margin.

Overall, we must all patiently wait for the results, which will likely to be published on late Saturday evening. Until then we can only devise 3 factors that will influence the results:

1. Health of the President Miloš Zeman

2. Will the parties keep their alignments and promises?

3. How many of the political parties around 5 % threshold will get in the Chamber of Deputies?

In case you are wondering, what are the priorities of the political parties, that are most likely to get into the Chamber of Deputies, browse through our pre-election report, which will give you at least a snapshot across the following agendas:

• Sustainability

• Digitization and eGovernment

• Business Environment and Taxes

Pre-election report

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic