28th March 2019

The Future of Prague Series with Pirate Party Representatives

Amcham hosted another roundtable with Prague City Hall representatives on transportation and affordable housing in Prague. Today we met the ´mayor´s men´, representatives of Pirate party Viktor Mahrik and Vít Šimral

The party supports electromobility in Prague and plans to invest in electromobility infrastructure. However, at the same time, it stresses to keep in mind that relieving the city from emissions through electromobility might shift the burden of pollution somewhere else (as electromobility brings about increased demand for electricity production). 


As agreed, AmCham would like to support Pirates in

- Improving affordable housing in Prague. 

- Coordinating public transport and public infrastructure with Central Bohemia. 

- Completing the Prague North Ring Road. 

- Start building D metro line by the end of the term. 

- Connecting airport with Prague centre and other major cities. 

- Last mile distribution of commercial supplies being electric. 


>> View also Research Ceska sporitelna's summary infographic on electromobility in the Czech Republic.

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