22nd September 2022

AmCham met with PM's advisor Tomáš Pojar: Conservation and conversion is the responsible way forward

This year we much conserve and invest. Next we must switch to sustainable energy sources. In the third year, we must be fully converted from Russian energy and nearly ready to power our manufacturing base from new, sustainable sources of supply. 

That, in condensed form, is the message members should have received during the course of our second update from Tomáš Pojar, the PM's advisor on foreign policy. The other message was not to be one of the majority of companies who seem to be waiting for a more favorable solution to be provided by the government. Russia declared war on European economies, not Czech taxpayers, and waiting for a solutions fully subsidized by future Czech taxpayers is not only highly unlikely, but also not recognizing that the Kremlin has targeted companies and households and our responsibility is to reply with conservation and conversion.



Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic