10th December 2014

Politics: Budget of the Czech Republic for 2015 approved

On its meeting on 10th December the Chamber of Deputies of Parliament of the Czech Republic approved in the third final reading the State Budget Act for the year 2015. The Act is then submitted to president whose role in this is only formal as he has to sign this Act as approving budget is the exclusive prerogative of the Chamber of Deputies to where the budget act draft was submitted by the Government of the Czech Republic. The Government claims that it stood up to its promises as the deficit of public finance would remain under 3 % with the budget deficit being no bigger than 100 billion CZK that is 20 billion less than the budget draft envisaged by the former government of Petr Nečas. The incomes of the budget will be 1 185.5 billion CZK that is 19.2 billion more than in the 2014. Expenditures are set at the level of 1 218.5 billion CZK that is 7.2 billion more than in previous year.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic