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This section includes reports, analysis and opinion about elections, public participation and political parties.

Spotlight issue

5th September 2015 / Politics / Social Responsibility

Politics: Czech Social Watch: Crisis ends, but tension is growing

On 19 August, the Czech coalition of nine NGOs called Social Watch published their 2015 national monitoring report on progress and problems on the road to gender equality and lower level of poverty in the Czech Republic. The report focuses on six main areas – economy, development aid, gender equal...
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27th May 2015 / Politics / Social Responsibility

Politics: Czech Ministry of Labor: Social exclusion and poverty in the Czech Republic doubles

The number of socially excluded locations and people in the Czech Republic has doubled since 2006, with almost 115,000 people in 606 locations affected by social exclusion and poverty. The Analysis of socially excluded locations in the Czech Republic was published by the Ministry of Labor and Soci...
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic