Economic policy / Employment and Social Affairs

This section reports on economic policy initiatives of the Czech government, the EU, and other entities that have a direct impact on the competitiveness of the country. It also includes information on economic priorities of the AmCham and other leading associations.

Spotlight issue

12th February 2021 / Economic policy / Employment and Social Affairs

AmCham Workforce Report: General Population and Employment Trends

AmCham Workforce Report on general population and employment trends is now available for members. Over the next six months, we will publish a series of reports that will compare our workforce with those of neighboring countries, and within regions of the Czech Republic.
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15th May 2020 / Economic policy / Employment and Social Affairs

Czech Workforce Report: Prague Employment and Median Wage 2011-2019

In 2019, the employment growth in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, in both the public and private sectors was negative (-0.3% and -0.1%, respectively); this trend started in 2018 in the private sector (-2.3% y-o-y). Prague workforce reaches almost 576,000 people, a downward trend for two consecutive years from almost 587,000 in 2017 (up from 534,200 in 2011).
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6th May 2020 / Economic policy / Employment and Social Affairs

Updated 2020 Workforce Report

Our 2020 Workforce Report covers general data on the size, age, participation levels, education, and general employment data of the Czech workforce. This updated edition brings general data on regional workforce and 2019 wage trends at the national level. More detailed reports on regional workforce and wages will follow.
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