This section feature research, opinion and progress reports on how the Czech Republic compares to other EU countries economically. It includes analysis of international rankings such as the WEF and World Bank.

Spotlight issue

11th May 2022 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

Rising rents can make up for increasing development costs

Inflation is putting pressure on developers to increase rents. Luckily, in some markets, such as the Czech logistics market, buoyant demand is helping drive rental growth. Jakub Kodr, Head of Business Development at CTP Czech Republic talked to Property Forum about the company’s expansion plans, dealing with inflation and changing demand dynamics.  
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11th May 2022 / Competitiveness / Tax & Finance

Banks have to focus on the quality of disclosed information on sustainability

The European Commission has made a point of finding a way to direct its financial resources on achieving a sustainable and competitive EU economy. For this purpose, it has decided to set the rules for disclosure of transparent information on sustainability for individual measures and sectors. The entire financial sector, banks, market participants and other institutions, and namely authorities responsible for the functioning and control of the financial market have to react to this development.
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic