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This section reports on economic policy initiatives of the Czech government, the EU, and other entities that have a direct impact on the competitiveness of the country. It also includes information on economic priorities of the AmCham and other leading associations.

Spotlight issue

22nd September 2016 / Economic policy / Tax & Finance

Tax Policy Reforms in OECD: Czech tax-to-GDP ratio increases between 2010 and 2014 | Summary of tax reforms

Recently published OECD report Tax Policy Reforms in the OECD provides overview of tax reforms that were implemented, legislated or announced in 2015, as well as common tax policy trends.
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29th August 2016 / Economic policy / Tax & Finance

U.S. Dept of State White Paper: The European Commission's Recent State Aid Investigations of Transfer Pricing Rulings

The U.S. Department of the Treasury (“U.S. Treasury Department”) shares the European Commission’s (“Commission”) concern with tax avoidance by multinational firms. The international community, including the European Union (“EU”) and its Member States, has long recognized the need to address this issue multilaterally. For more than two decades, the U.S. Treasury Department has worked closely as part of the international community to achieve a collective solution to this global problem.
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3rd August 2016 / Economic policy / Tax & Finance

AmCham Policy Report - Issue 6 - August 3: Why is the EET such a big deal?

No taxation without representation. The world often forgets that what made American patriots so angry at the British was not some romantic idea of personal freedom, but the right to have a say in how much of their income the government got to redistribute. The original Tea Party was a reaction to a higher tariff on tea
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