Good governance / Public Procurement

This section details initiatives to make government a competitive advantage. It includes analysis and reports of government initiatives, as well as data on accountability and performance measures.

Spotlight issue

3rd May 2016 / Good governance / Public Procurement

EconLab: Central Purchasing in Czech Republic: current situation & recommendations

EconLab, a think-tank at the Charles University Prague, published a study Collaborative purchasing: foreign best practices and lessons learned for the Czech Republic. The study outlines how far procurements of the government are centralized and gives recommendations how to improve the current situation.
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15th February 2016 / Good governance / Public Procurement

EconLab: The analysis highlights problematic public procurement contracts in a number of state companies

EconLab has published rankings of state and municipal companies according to the quality of public procurement. First places went to Lesy ČR, Čepro and the University Hospital in Pilsen. The recipe is simple - sufficient competition, transparency and avoidance of legal missteps. In many companies, however, it is happening rather the opposite - an example is ČEZ Distribution and Krajská zdravotní. Press release you can read here. Detailed results available here.
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26th November 2015 / Good governance / Public Procurement

Good Governance: Letter to parliamentarians on Registry of Contracts vote

Dear Ms./Mr. Member of Parliament, We write to express our appreciation for your vote to establish a Registry of Contracts. If properly implemented, the Registry of Contracts will help increase the accountability of both public officials and companies, which should help improve the value of each ...
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